DIY: $3 Valentine’s Day Owl Magnets

This little project started when I remembered where I had put those Valentine’s Day cards I’d bought for my family three years ago. Pathetic, I know. I found the cutest little cards while still in college and thought, “What a nice little gesture this would be!” Well I forgot to send them. And then I forgot again. For two more years. So I dug them out and thought the cards needed a gift to accompany them, but I don’t want to have to pay to ship something heavy. Think…Think…MAGNETS! Ah, yes.


I started with a template I found online at this fabulous blog and shrunk it down to perfect magnet size in a word document and printed it out. I didn’t follow the template exactly. I used the base owl shape, the heart twice (one for the heart on the body and one to cut in half to use for wings), the triangle for the beak and two circles for each eye—any more than that is way too much cutting for my fancy.


So I began by tracing and cutting. And more tracing and cutting. I wanted a set for both of my sisters, my mama and my mama-in-law. You’ll notice that I freehanded a bow for our lady owl and a flower for our manly owl to give to his mate.

image (3)

image (1)

I found this awesome roll of adhesive magnet strip at King Dollar. [Side note: Dollar store shopping is one of my favorite things to do! The .99 Store and King Dollar are where it’s at!] I bought two packages and barely used my second roll. You can probably get by with one pack if you are making four sets of owls, or less.

image (4)

I cut two horizontal strips to put on the back of each owl, like so. I also cut two itty bitty pieces to stick to the back of our beau’s flower. You MUST hot glue the magnet strips down! The adhesive doesn’t adhere well to felt.

image (2)

And, viola! The cutest little DIY magnets you’ve ever seen.

image (5)

All 8 of these guys cost me about $3 and I have plenty leftover to make more!

In a nutshell, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • The template (see photo above). If you don’t have access to a printer, you can put the felt over your iPhone and trace right on to the felt!
  • A pen for tracing
  • Sheets of felt. The colors I used were: Dark blue, light blue, red, pink, green, tan, brown, cream and black. (.23 at Walmart and .25 at Hobby Lobby, per sheet)
  • Adhesive magnetic strips

Happy crafting!


DIY: $1 Valentine’s Day Frame Wreath

I’ve had this old picture frame stuck in the top of my closet for a while ever since the back came unglued and I never put it back together. So with V-day just around the corner, I thought it would make into a nice frame wreath!

First, I started by wrapping the frame with twine.

image (5)

I would wrap several strands around the frame, adding a dot of hot glue here and there to hold the twine in place. Eventually, I wound up with this (below) and had no twine left to cover the corners. Sad, sad day. So, I improvised. (You may have noticed that the bottom left is naked on more than just the corner. I’ll explain how I rigged that in just a minute)

image (3)

I had a cute, old, summery, doily-looking overshirt that got ruined in the washing machine, (one of the shoulders got stretched severely, making me look uneven) but the fabric was so cute I knew I’d eventually have a purpose for it. I started trimming away and wrapped the corners with it.

image (4)

Now it’s time to rig that empty space next to the bottom left corner with my favorite handmade flowers! Take a piece of felt and cut a circle. I used a roll of ribbon for my circle pattern because, let’s be honest, who can cut a good circle freehanded? Take the circle and cut into it, about a centimeter from the edge. Keep cutting around the perimeter until you get to the center and there’s nothing left to cut. You’ll end up with a spiral-like strand of felt. Now take the center of it (the last part your scissors touched) and start rolling it back up, letting the edges overlap each other slightly. Add some glue along the way to keep your flower together.

image (2)

You’ll end up with something like this.

image (1)

I made three, each a different size, and stuck a pearl in the middle. I arranged them to cover up my empty space. I also stuck in some greenery from a fake plant I had in the house. You can also cut leaves out of felt, ribbon or other fabric you have on hand.

Now it’s time for the centerpiece! I bought these babies in the dollar spot at Target for–you guessed it–$1. That is literally what I spent on this entire wreath–$1! I realize you may not have all of these things already in your house, but hopefully my wreath will inspire you to get creative with what you’ve got!


I cut the strap off my old shirt for a single, thin ribbon to run horizontally across the middle of the frame. Using hot glue, I attached either side of it to the back of the frame, then slapped a red, glittery, foam heart on to the front of it.

And bam! Festive wreath.


I’m thinking I’ll add ribbon to the top so that the “B” on my door doesn’t interrupt my wreath feng shui. If you feel like gettin’ crafty and wind up making your own, please share it!

DIY: Blooming Pallet Cross

When I took down the Christmas tree, the corner of my living room looked so sad. I didn’t want to run out and get a chair or a plant to fill the void, so I decided that the wall near the corner needed a cross on it, and I put Jared to work.

I had him break off boards from some pallets we keep outside for whenever I’m feeling crafty. We were going to use a saw to get them to the desired size, but one broke in the midst of his manly ripping and I liked the look, so he got off easy.

All I did was take the two pieces, one long and one short to make the cross and hot glue them on top of each other. That’s right. No nails, no nothin’.  Then I took some fake flowers I’d bought from Walmart for $2 each, cut the blooms and leaves from the stems and glued them on to cover the intersection of the boards, and VIOLA! A happier, former Christmas tree corner in less than 10 minutes!


In a nutshell…


  1. Pallet wood
  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  3. Fake flowers
  4. Twine


  1. Take two pallet boards
  2. Saw or break them to your desired size. (If you’re breaking them, you may need more than two, unless you get really lucky and break it the way you want it the first time)
  3. Glue the small piece on top of the longer piece to form a cross
  4. Glue flowers on the front
  5. Cut a piece of twine about 5 inches long and tie it so that you have a loop for hanging. Trim the excess.
  6. Glue the knot of the loop to the back of the cross at the intersection of the wood pieces.
  7. Let it dry and hang her on the wall!

You can stain or paint the wood, too, but I liked the old, worn look for mine. If you decide to make your own, please share your pictures! Happy crafting!


Jan. 21 UPDATE: I made two more crosses on MLK Day for gifts for my grandma and mom, who were both born on the same day. Neat, right? Anyway, here they are.


This time, I did a little extra work. I painted over the wood with a dark stain. I rubbed off the excess and let that dry, then took a white stain and brushed over that a few times, wiping after each stroke for a bit of an old, distressed look. I really like the way they turned out! I think I might have to stain the one on my wall now!