DIY: Blooming Pallet Cross

When I took down the Christmas tree, the corner of my living room looked so sad. I didn’t want to run out and get a chair or a plant to fill the void, so I decided that the wall near the corner needed a cross on it, and I put Jared to work.

I had him break off boards from some pallets we keep outside for whenever I’m feeling crafty. We were going to use a saw to get them to the desired size, but one broke in the midst of his manly ripping and I liked the look, so he got off easy.

All I did was take the two pieces, one long and one short to make the cross and hot glue them on top of each other. That’s right. No nails, no nothin’.  Then I took some fake flowers I’d bought from Walmart for $2 each, cut the blooms and leaves from the stems and glued them on to cover the intersection of the boards, and VIOLA! A happier, former Christmas tree corner in less than 10 minutes!


In a nutshell…


  1. Pallet wood
  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  3. Fake flowers
  4. Twine


  1. Take two pallet boards
  2. Saw or break them to your desired size. (If you’re breaking them, you may need more than two, unless you get really lucky and break it the way you want it the first time)
  3. Glue the small piece on top of the longer piece to form a cross
  4. Glue flowers on the front
  5. Cut a piece of twine about 5 inches long and tie it so that you have a loop for hanging. Trim the excess.
  6. Glue the knot of the loop to the back of the cross at the intersection of the wood pieces.
  7. Let it dry and hang her on the wall!

You can stain or paint the wood, too, but I liked the old, worn look for mine. If you decide to make your own, please share your pictures! Happy crafting!


Jan. 21 UPDATE: I made two more crosses on MLK Day for gifts for my grandma and mom, who were both born on the same day. Neat, right? Anyway, here they are.


This time, I did a little extra work. I painted over the wood with a dark stain. I rubbed off the excess and let that dry, then took a white stain and brushed over that a few times, wiping after each stroke for a bit of an old, distressed look. I really like the way they turned out! I think I might have to stain the one on my wall now!